YEMEN Press Agency

Health sector in Aden is out of service due to lack of electricity, fuel

ADEN, Aug. 23 (YPA) – Health sources in the occupied city of Aden on Sunday confirmed that most hospitals, centers and health facilities have been out of service, as a result of the continued total power cuts and the suspension of fuel supplies for the second month in a row, amid the continued refusal of the government of Hadi to pay the dues of the leased electricity companies.


For its part, the General Electricity Corporation of Aden announced in a statement, on Sunday, that a number of generation stations actually went out of service, due to the delay in the arrival of fuel allocated to them for the third consecutive day.


The statement called on the government of mercenaries to urgently address the problem of the power stations going out of service, especially since the situation cannot bear the delay in light of the severe heat season, indicating that the power outage in the city has caused a doubling of the suffering of citizens, and government institutions have stopped serving, including those in the healthy sector.


Most of the areas under the control of the factions loyal to the coalition are witnessing a continuous interruption in the electrical service in light of the almost complete collapse of state institutions and the complete absence of the role of the Hadi government.