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Macron orders probe into possibility of his phones being monitored

PARIS, Jul. 21 (YPA) – French Prime Minister Jean Castex said on Wednesday that French President Emmanuel Macron has ordered a series of investigations, following media reports of possible surveillance of his phone numbers.

“If these facts are proven, they will be dangerous. I confirm that,” Castex added during an interview on “TF1” channel

At the same time, he stressed that it would be “irresponsible” to talk about any reaction from Paris until the situation becomes clear and the facts become clear.

On Tuesday, the French newspaper “Le Monde” reported that in 2019 the phone numbers of Macron, former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and 14 other French ministers could be monitored by Moroccan intelligence services through the Israeli “Pegasus” program.

Media outlets had published, earlier, the results of an investigation on using the Israeli “NSO Group” company’s program, used by intelligence agencies to track criminals and terrorists, to spy on politicians, businessmen, activists, journalists and dissidents around the world.