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Minister of Industry congratulates WTO’s new Director

SANAA, Feb. 24 (YPA) – Minister of Industry and Trade Abdulwahab Yahya Al-Durra on Wednesday congratulated Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala on her election as Director-General of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

In his congratulatory cable, the Minister of Industry referred to the difficulties facing the Yemeni economy as a result of the aggression and the suffocating blockade, and Yemen’s inability to obtain technical assistance and capacity-building based on the protocol for Yemen’s accession to the WTO.

“We take this opportunity to briefly explain the situation in Yemen since the year 2015 due to the war and the suffocating blockade that has become a major obstacle to the Yemeni economy,” he said.

As a result, Yemen was unable to apply the principle of trade flow as a basic principle of the WTO, which caused the largest famine in the world according to the United Nations classification, he added.

He looked forward to working with the WTO’s new director to enhance cooperation with the organization, convey the voice of Yemen, and consider its case to help end the aggression and siege.

Al-Durra wished the WTO’s new director success in her duties, confirming the willingness to cooperate with the organization to strengthen relations between the two sides.