YEMEN Press Agency

Military commanders loyal to coalition killed in Sewah front of Marib

MARIB, June 24 (YPA) – A number of prominent military commanders in Saudi-led coalition forces were killed Wednesday in the battles taking place in al-Makhdara area in Serwah front of Marib province.

Sources told Yemen Press Agency that among the most prominent dead commanders are Lt. Col. Saleh Abdo Hashem al-Jamali, Captain Ibrahim al-Akki, Captain Adam Jarban chief of operations of the Fourth Battalion in the so-called “the 141st Brigade”, Faris Sila al-Osaimi, and Mohammed Mohsen Madraj, while the fate of a number of leaders of the first ranks of the coalition forces in Qaniyah front is still unknown.

The sources confirmed that Marib and Shabwa hospitals are filled with corpses of the dead of the coalition forces, who have suffered heavy losses in lives and equipment.