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Telecommunications Ministry proceeds with eliminating imbalances

SANAA, Dec. 12 (YPA) – A source at the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology on Thursday confirmed that the ministry is proceeding with eliminating the imbalances that the telecommunications and internet services sector have witnessed in recent years

Those imbalances have caused the weakening and distortion of services and harming the interests of users as a result of the resale of some of the services of the General Telecommunication Corporation in violation of the provisions of the law, the source explained.

He confirmed that the Ministry is committed to implement the telecommunications laws and legislations that aim to protect consumers of telecommunications and internet services and the legal rights of the corporation and the licensed telecommunications companies.

The ministry warned in the middle of last July against using the microwave devices and connections and operating them in violation of the law, according to the source.

The source reiterated that the Ministry would spare no effort in implementation of plans and strategic directions of the salvation government to regulate the telecommunications sector and developing its services.