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Saudi King confirms his country’s quest for political settlement in Yemen after severe drone attacks

RIYADH, Nov. 20 (YPA)- Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz on Wednesday revealed that the Kingdom is seeking a political settlement in Yemen, after being exposed to 286 ballistic missiles and 289 drone attacks.

This came in an annual speech delivered by the Saudi monarch, on Wednesday, during the opening of the fourth year of the seventh session of the Saudi Shura Council.

Salman confirmed that his country hopes that the Riyadh agreement would open the door to “broader peace talks in Yemen.”

The Saudi monarch tried to get out of Yemen topic by sending several messages to the Iranian regime, in which he called on Tehran to realize that it is “facing serious choices and will bear their consequences.”

He also talked about the strikes on oil facilities in Khurais and Abqaiq in last September, trying to hold Iran responsible for those strikes, although his country was unable to prove that.

International media had recently revealed that Saudi Arabia sought to hold talks with Sanaa, after the painful blows received by Aramco facility from drones of the Yemeni army.

In his speech, Salman talked about the initial public offering of state-owned Aramco that would allow investors from inside and outside the Kingdom to participate and create thousands of jobs, in a bid to convince the Saudi people and investors that the company was able to overcome its severe damage caused by last September strikes.