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The Guardian: The UAE creates chaos in occupied areas southern Yemen

SANAA, Dec. 24 (YPA) – A  report published by”  The Guardian” newspaper on Friday confirming that the United Arab Emirates (UAE)  is responsible for security chaos and civil disorder in the occupied areas by its hired troops in southern  Yemen.

Abu Dhabi is implementing its special agendas, and the war in Yemen has been transformed into wars and internal civil war due to the UAE’s intervention, the report said.

According to the Guardian, the UAE has helped to fragment the war into multiple conflicts and local skirmishes, Yemen is now a patchwork of heavily armed fiefdoms and chaotic areas, where commanders, war profiteers and a thousand bandit kings.

The report added that the Saudi-led coalition is witnessing competition among its members, with each party trying to achieve its different agenda.

It stressed that Emiratis are the only party with a clear strategy, and they are using private armies to achieve those strategies.