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Shura Council discusses agriculture sector situation

SANAA, Dec. 5 (YPA) – The Shura Council on Wednesday discussed in Sanaa the agriculture sector situation in light of the continued war and siege and implications of preventing the entry of the sector needs and the challenges facing it.

In its meeting, the council stressed the importance of the Agricultural Cooperative Union’s role in overcoming the difficulties faced by the sector due to the continuation of the siege and systematic bombing on the agricultural infrastructure, especially water sources, in order to achieve food security.

Acting speaker of the Shura Council, Mohammed al-Aidarous, called for supporting the Union to provide alternative energy systems for farmers to use the modern irrigation. He urged the Union to develop its relations with international donor organizations to support farmers.

At the meeting, Head of the Union, Mohammed Basheer, reviewed the difficulties faced by the Union and the agricultural sector in general as a result of the continued aggression in targeting of farms, animal pens, water sources and dams, as well as the comprehensive blockade that extended to oil derivatives, agricultural inputs and fertilizers in order to destroy food security in the country.

Basheer referred to the Union’s vision to develop the agricultural sector and achieve its cooperative objectives.