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Khamene calls for urgent decisions in response to Trump sanctions

SANAA, Oct. 11 (YPA) – The Leader of the Iranian Revolution, Sayyid Ali Khamene,  called on the three authorities in Tehran to make serious decisions to solve economic problems and improve the living conditions of Iranian citizens, in response to US President Donald Trump’s sanctions on his country.

According to the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRNA), the Khamene’s calling came during his meeting with the heads of the three Iranian authorities on Wednesday on the subject of the country’s economic issues and the search for ways to address the problems in this area.

The Leader of the Iranian Revolution praised the attention of the heads of the three authorities and the members of the Supreme Council for Economic Co-ordination for their active participation in the meetings and discussions and considered the main responsibility of this Council to be the decision-making and the basic solutions to the economy.


Sameera Hassn