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Shura Council approves report of Defense, Security Committee

SANAA, April 06 (YPA) – The Shura Council, in its Tuesday meeting chaired by the Council’s Speaker Mohammed Al-Aidarous, discussed and approved the Defense and Security Committee’s report on the participation of Al-Qaeda and ISIS organizations in the fight alongside Saudi-led coalition in Yemen.

At the meeting, the Shura Speaker praised the efforts of the Council’s Defense and Security Committee in preparing its report based on facts.

Al- Aidarous pointed out that the facts on the ground proved that terrorist organizations have become the most important tools for the domination of Western colonial countries, especially America.

He stressed the importance of providing the international media with copies of the report of the Shura Council in this regard to clarify that America is still using this paper to hit the peoples facing it indirectly.

The report included a number of axes that provided a brief explanation of the participation of these terrorist organizations, with their various names, in the war on Yemen under the leadership of the aggression countries as a main partner and with direct American cover.

The report touched on the Saudi-Emirati warplanes’ backing for terrorist organizations in ‘Qifah’ area in Bayda province through dozens of raids on the army and popular committees’ sites, which gives irrefutable evidence that terrorist organizations are the upper hand of America and global Zionism in the region.

The report also referred to the conclusions of the reports of international media agencies that confirmed this with their investigative methods, pointing to the recent participation of Al-Qaeda and ISIS in the fighting on Marib front alongside the aggression countries and their mercenaries.