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President: Yemen battle is against US-Zionist project

SANAA, May 22 (YPA) – President al-Mashat said that the battle in Yemen is a battle for defending the land, unity, sovereignty and independence in the face of the US-Zionist project that will not stop in Palestine.

“The clear alignment of the aggression coalitions against Yemen and Palestine confirms that we are fighting against the true enemy of the Arab and Islamic nation,” said the president in his speech to Yemeni people on Monday, on the eve of the 28 anniversary of the unification of Yemen, May 22.

The president affirmed that the abandonment of al-Aqsa Mosque (the first Kiblah of Muslims) is a bridge to abandon the holy Kaaba (the second Kiblah of Muslims), which he said is a real danger to the unity of Arabs and Muslims and to religion and belief.

The president noted that after the US president Trump headed the Islamic Summit in Saudi Arabia a year ago, the region has witnessed wars, killings, displacement.

“Today, the same summit is crying over Trump’s decision to move his embassy to al-Quds (Jerusalem),” he added.

The president described the position of the summit as shameful and disgraceful for the Arab and Muslim peoples.

He called for a unified Arab and Islamic liberation project to stop this destruction and prevents depleting the resources and wealth of the region.