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Citizen’s body found after 3 years of his kidnapping in Aden

ADEN, Sept. 8 (YPA) – Citizens in southern port city of Aden, southern Yemen, on Tuesday found a body of a citizen three years after he was kidnapped.

Human rights sources accused the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militias of liquidating the kidnapped Khaled Mamoun Abdo al-Hajami.

The sources confirmed that al-Hajami, from Al-Qaloua area, was assassinated in Al-Mimdara area days after his release.

Hoda Al-Sarari, a lawyer for head of ‘Defaa’ Foundation for Rights and Freedoms, said that “the kidnapped (al-Hajami) received all kinds of torture and cruel treatment, and then he was liquidated in this ugly way.”

Al-Sarari pointed out that the purpose of liquidating the abductees and detainees is to hide any information incriminating the criminals and those responsible for the crimes.

The kidnapped Khaled Mamoun Abdo al-Hajami