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Egyptian pilot killed in fighter jet crash

CAIRO, July 13 (YPA) – An Egyptian fighter jet had fallen in the southern region of the country, killing its pilot Major Pilot Ahmed Abu Zaid, Al-Jazeera TV channel quoted Egyptian sources as saying on Monday.

Egyptian activists from friends and relatives of “Abu Zaid” on “Twitter” and “Facebook” mourned the late pilot, and shared a number of his pictures.

This comes at a time when no official military statement has been issued confirming or denying the incident or clarifying its circumstances.

The verification unit at “Al-Jazeera Live” affirmed that the accident occurred on Saturday, after conflicting reports about the fall of an Egyptian military plane.

Such incidents have repeated recently in Egypt. In January this year, the official spokesman for the Egyptian armed forces, Colonel Tamer Al-Rifai, announced that a combat plane had fallen in one of the training areas, which resulted in the killing of the pilot.