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Hadi government accuses UAE of looting Yemeni money

SANAA, June 30 (YPA) – Hadi’s government based in Riyadh on Tuesday directly accused the UAE of looting Yemeni money and distributing it to its armed militias to spread more chaos and sabotage in Yemen.

“The incident of transferring the path of the currency containers of the Central Bank yesterday by militias backed by Emirati forces from Mukalla port and holding them at their headquarters is rejected and out of the tasks they came for,” Foreign Ministry of Hadi government said in a tweet on Twitter.

“We did not ask the coalition’s support for this,” the ministry added, indicating that these practices by the UAE would have repercussions.

On Monday, the UAE forces forcibly seized five containers of money printed in Russia belonging to Hadi’s government in Mukalla port in Hadramout province.