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Islah militia execute young man inside mosque in Taiz

TAIZ, May 28 (YPA) – Islah Party’s militias had executed a young man inside a mosque in Jabal Habashi district of Taiz province, sources reported on Thursday.

According to the sources, the young man Abduljalil Hassan al-Jalal surrendered to the security services on Tuesday evening in Rayma village of Bani Issa area in the district.

The sources added that the Islah militia took al-Jalal on Wednesday to a mosque in Wadi Al-Bir village in the same district, where the death penalty was carried out against him outside the law on the way of Afghan Taliban movement.

The execution took place in the mosque without trial and under the pretext of committing the crime of killing a young man named Malik Sultan Assaj and wounding Abdul-Qahar Saif Assaj, the sources explained .

Jabal Habashi district in Taiz province has witnessed many extra-judicial killings and executions since the Islah militia took control of the district on November 7, 2017.