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73 burial permits issued in Aden within one day, amid demands for departure of occupation

ADEN, May 11 (YPA) – The Civil Status Authority in Aden province, southern Yemen, announced Sunday that it had issued 73 burial permits in Aden city during the past 24 hours.

Head of the authority, loyal to Saudi-led coalition, said that 66 permits of burial were issued according to reports from the security services, while seven permits were issued according to the request of hospitals and isolation centers in Aden, without any further clarifications.

In a related context, the health authorities in the areas under the occupation announced Sunday that they had registered 17 new cases of Corona virus (COVID-19).

As the issue of epidemics in Aden entered in the conflicts between the warring forces in the occupied provinces, the people in Aden province continued their protest movements, rejecting the state of neglect suffered by citizens at hands of the coalition forces.

For the second consecutive day, the city of Aden witnessed demonstrations and protests, during which citizens denounced the silence of the authorities loyal to the occupation on the spread of epidemics and the absence of services.

Local sources in Aden told Yemen Press Agency that the protesters burned tires and chanted slogans demanding the departure of Saudis and Emiratis from Aden.

The sources added that, despite the state of repression by which the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) confronted the protests of the citizens in Aden, there are still interactions boiling between the sons of Aden, who are heading to escalate their protests during the coming days.

The ceiling of demands that the sons of Aden intend to claim increased to the occupation evacuation, and it is no longer limited to calling for improving conditions in Aden and the rest of the occupied provinces in southern Yemen, the sources added.

“What is happening resulted from a conflict of forces, which are protected by the Saudis and Emiratis, and instead of wasting time in uprooting the dolls, it is assumed that the hands that move these dolls, represented by the occupation forces, should be expelled,” the sources said.

The province of Aden has witnessed an accelerating deterioration in various aspects of life, since the occupation entered the province in September 2015.

The torrents that swept through the city of Aden before couple weeks exposed the coalition’s maladministration in Aden and the rest of the occupied provinces.

Observers believe that the greatest disaster in Aden is the absence of responsibility and the slightest degree of humanity in the occupation authorities that have taken from the widespread death in the city as a means of political intrigues.