YEMEN Press Agency

Higher Committee for Combating Epidemics condemns coalition’s targeting of quarantine centers to combat Corona virus.

SANAA, April 8 (YPA) – The Higher Committee for Combating Epidemics condemned the coalition’s targeting of quarantine centers to combat the Corona virus.
The committee said in a statement that coalition warplanes launched a raid near the Quarantine Center at Al-Hijabah School in Afar of Bayda province, and launched a raid near the quarantine of drivers’ area near Afar.
The committee noted that these raids come in the context of the coalition’s efforts to introduce the Corona virus to Yemen, which is still empty today.
The statement pointed out that the coalition aviation had previously launched raids near the quarantine in Al-Salif of Hodeidah province, indicating that the multiplication of the coalition countries and its recruits for flights during the last period and their continuation until today in opening ports and deporting Yemenis from Saudi Arabia and others comes within the framework of the coalition’s plans to introduce the virus to To whom.