YEMEN Press Agency

Coalition continues to breach Sweden’s agreement in Hodeidah over 24 Hours: military media

SANAA, Feb. 23 (YPA) – The US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition’s mercenaries continued their violations of Sweden’s agreement in Hodeidah province over the past 24 hours, the Military Media said in a statement on Sunday.

The coalition forces fired six Katyusha rockets, 23 artillery shells and shots of machine guns at Jabalyah area of Tuhayta district.

The coalition’s mercenaries also launched 18 artillery shells at Jah area of Bait-Faqih district.

The coalitions’ mercenaries also fired more than 20 artillery shells at Maghary village and south of Hays district, six mortar shells at separate areas in Kilo 16 area, ten mortars and shots of machine guns hit separate areas in Durayhmi district.

Meanwhile, a military bulldozer for the aggression forces creates combat fortifications east of Durihimi district.