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Thousands of patients have died due to delay of treatment flights from Sanaa Airport: NRG

SANAA, Feb. 3 (YPA) – The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) in Yemen on Monday said that the medical flights from Sanaa International Airport were very late for thousands of Yemenis who had died waiting to travel abroad for treatment.

“Saudi-led coalition sentenced Yemenis to death when it surrounded the northern part of the country and closed the airport in Sanaa for more than three years,” said Mohammed Abdi, director of the NRC in Yemen.

Abdi expressed his hope that the medical trips would save the lives of more Yemenis, as many are still waiting for the medical care abroad, and that the recent military escalation in the north of the country does not endanger these flights.

The closure of the Sanaa airport is one example of the way the blockade is creating unbearable suffering for civilians, including restrictions on humanitarian goods and commercial imports of food, fuel, and medicine, the NRC’s official explained.

He noted that 80 percent of the population needs humanitarian assistance to survive, as the economy continues to deteriorate and employees do not get paid.