YEMEN Press Agency

STC turns against “Riyadh Agreement”, hands coalition committees empty stores

ADEN, Jan. 21 (YPA) – Military sources on Tuesday revealed that the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) had hid all heavy weapons from weapon inventory committees of Saudi-led coalition, after signing “Riyadh agreement” between the council and Hadi’s government in last November.

“The STC’s leadership instructed its militias to hide and smuggle the weapons that they had seized from camps of Hadi’s forces after the expulsion of the latter from Aden,” said sources in the committees of collecting and counting weapons in camps of STC militias and Hadi’s forces in Aden.

The transitional council emptied the first presidential protection brigade’s stores in Ma’asheeq Palace of all weapons, as well as other camps, according to the sources.

The sources indicated that this comes within the framework of the STC’s upcoming military arrangements to pounce on Shabwa province.