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Saudi media talk on disbanding Hadi’s govt to empower “Transitional Council”

SANAA, Dec. 11 (YPA) – Saudi media voices calling for the disposal of the so-called “legitimate government” and Islah Party have increased recently.

The latest of those demands came from the Saudi military expert Hassan al-Shehri, who called on forces of the coalition led by his country to break up “Hadi’s government” completely and give the UAE-backed southern transitional council freedom within the occupied areas in southern Yemen.

“Hadi must dissolve his current government entirely and designate a government capable of working away from those who belong to ideology, sectarian, and partisan, and far from the Muslim Brotherhood (Islah Party),” al-Shehri said in an interview with the Emirati “Al-Ghad Al-Moshreq” TV channel on Monday evening.

Al-Shehri added “I believe that the Southern Transitional Council is the most reliable party that can maintain the implementation of Riyadh Agreement, while there is, on the other hand, in the legitimate government who is working to block the agreement.”

Regarding the assassinations in the south, al-Shehri noted that the Muslim Brotherhood is behind these crimes, as they have experience in assassinations in all countries.

Some believe that al-Shehri’s statements, which come in the context of a campaign carried out by Saudi writers and political and military speakers, express a view that seems to have become entrenched in the Saudi regime.