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Sanaa Economic Committee announces Hodeidah ports’ November revenues to salary account

SANAA, Dec. 11 (YPA) – The Higher Economic Committee in the capital Sanaa on Tuesday announced the size of Hodeidah ports’ revenues to the employees salary account at the Central Bank’s branch in Hodeidah in the last November.

The Committee also revealed, in a statement issued Tuesday evening, the volume of revenues of oil produced from fields under the control of the Saudi-led coalition and Hadi’s government during the same month.

“Tax and customs duties revenue of oil derivatives vessels in Hodeidah for November amounted to more than six billion riyals deposited into the salary initiative account,” the statement said.

The total revenue to the salary account in the Central Bank of Yemen branch in Hodeidah amounted to 11 billion and 863 million riyals by end of November, according to the statement.

The statement indicated that the revenues of crude oil for November from the fields of Hadramaut, Marib and Shabwa provinces amounted to 86 billion riyals, noting that more than 2,523,648 barrels of oil were produced with a total value of 156,466,176 dollars, based on the average price of Brent crude for the same month.

In its statement, the economic committee welcomed the visit of the UN envoy’s office to the Central Bank’s branch in Hodeidah, which comes within the framework of the supposed oversight and supervisory role of the United Nations.

The committee called on the United Nations to compel the other party to implement and pay its obligations by depositing the amount of the deficit between the total cost of salaries and the balance collected in the salary account.

The committee concluded its statement reiterating its full readiness to implement any supervisory mechanisms set by the United Nations under the Stockholm Agreement in the economic aspect to pay the salaries of all employees of the Republic of Yemen and end their suffering, which has lasted for more than three years.