YEMEN Press Agency

Islah militias loot supply vehicles of UAE-backed militias in Lahj

LAHJ, Sept. 11 (YPA) – A group of Islah militias and forces of 17th Infantry Brigade loyal to Saudi-led coalition on Tuesday looted vehicles of supply and nutrition belonging to the transitional militias of the UAE on Tur Al Baha road west of Lahj province, local source reported.

According to the sources, al-Islah militias looted the car, its food supplies, attacked the driver and STC’s elements accompanying the car.

Dozens of UAE-backed military pickup gathered to Tur Al Baha, demanding the extradition of the attackers.

A group coalition military leaders intervened, according to the sources, and the STC’s militias demanded that they be given one day to hand over the perpetrators who belonged to Sabiha tribes.

The sources pointed out that the situation in the phase of Al-Baha is witnessing a sharp escalation and expected violent clashes between the two parties.