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Report: Yemen Army wages military operations against coalition troops over 24 hours

SANAA, April 18 (YPA) – Yemen army  has waged military offensive operations, including missile, artillery and snipping attacks, on coalition troops, targeting patriot system of the UAE over the past 24 hours, Ansar Allah Media Center reported.

  • In Najran border province:

Saudi soldiers and militias’ gatherings were shelled by artillery in Hamraa hill, Hamad site and in front of Aleeb.

Artillery and missile shells were fired toward gatherings of Saudi soldiers and militias in Shurfa and Shabaka sites.

  • In the border province of Jizan:

Missile and artillery shelling targeted gatherings and artillery’s fortifications  of Saudi soldiers and militias in Abo-Madh and Namshih camps.

Numbers of censorships and Shabakat in Jahfan were shelled by missile and artillery.

  • In Asir border Saudi province:

Artillery shelling targeted gatherings of militias in Jawazat, Sebahtal mount and in front of Alab crossing.

  • In Yemen province of Jawf:

Two of militias’ military vehicles were destroyed by explosive devices east of Sabrin front of Khub-washaaf district.

  • In West Cost front:

Joint Operation of the Missile and Air Forces targeted patriot system of the UAE and a gathering of invaders and militias , including Emiratis, in Makha and Moshj front.

  • In Shabwa province:

Four of Saudi-backe militias were killed by the fire of Yemen army in the weas of Haid-bin-Aqil of Asailan district.

  • In Bayda province:

A Saudi-backed militia was killed and another injured by Yemen army’s fire in Natea front.


Sameera Hassn