YEMEN Press Agency

Dhamar security controls coalition’s criminal cell

DHAMAR, Aug. 3 (YPA) – Security forces in Dhamar province seized a criminal cell belonging to al-Qaeda, a security official told Yemen Press Agency on Saturday.
The source explained that the cell was directly linked to the US-backed Saudi-led coalition aggression, and admitted to the implementation of several criminal operations in the province, including the bombing of a grocery store in Sanaa Taiz streets of the city of Dhamar in order to create a state of panic among citizens,
The source pointed out that the cell consists of 6 elements, all of them were arrested after the investigations, and security control of their movements and contacts were seized with a quantity of explosives and improvised explosive devices, and weapons.
The source confirmed the readiness of the security forces to address all those who beg for themselves to prejudice the security of citizens and the stability of the province.