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Salvation Gov’t completes first phase of redeployment from Hodeidah ports

HODEIDAH, May 14 (YPA) – The national team representing the National Salvation Government on Monday completed the first phase of the redeployment from the ports of Hodeidah, al-Salif and Ras Isa.

Chief of the UN Coordination Committee General Michael Lollesgaard praised the interaction of the national team in the joint committee to facilitate the tasks of the completing the redeployment phase.

Deputy Chief of the UN Coordination Committee Janez Frernandes said that the first phase was carried out without any difficulties in verifying and supervising the redeployment in the three ports.

For his part, head of the UN overseers team in the port of al-Salif Sani Alison confirmed that the redeployment process was conducted without any obstacles, indicating that the national team provided all facilities.