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Coalition forces, militias committed 534 violations in Hodeidah over 72 hours: Army Spokesman

SANAA, March 12 (YPA) – Spokesman of the Yemeni army Brigadier Yahya Sarei on Tuesday said that Saudi-led coalition and militias committed 534 violations of ceasefire in Hodeidah province during the last 72 hours.

“The violations included 241 artillery shells, 45 missiles and 162 shooting of various medium and light weapons that targeted houses and farms of the citizens in several districts and Hodeidah city,”Brig. Sarei indicated in a statement to Yemen News Agency (Saba).

The spokesman confirmed that the army monitored 61 reinforcements operations and 4 establishing of new fortifications of the militias toward several areas in the province, while the Saudi-led coalition warplanes and reconnaissance aircraft continued to fly intermittently over the sky of Hodeidah city and a number of districts.

Brig. Sarei indicated that the Saudi-led coalition warplanes continued to target citizens and public and private property and launched 61 air raids in several provinces.

The spokesman said the coalition’s ongoing violations would obligate Swede agreement, holding the coalition the full responsibility for an attempt to fail the cease-fire.


Sameera Hassn