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Mohammed Ali al-Houthi refutes U.S remarks

SANAA, Feb. 6 (YPA) -The head of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, has embarrassed the US administration by refuting its statements about handing over US arms to a third party outside the Yemeni conflict.

Al-Houthi indicated that the US administration’s motivation behind launching these statements is a bid to ease the shock to the American anti-war intellectuals by trying to make them believe that Washington isn’t directly arming the Saudi invaders. However, al-Houthi said, the US administration “has already announced its participation in the war in Yemen.”

“The US administration’s remarks on the handover of arms to a third party do not absolve it of its responsibility in killing the Yemenis,” he said in a statement issued on Tuesday.

Al-Houthi added: “The whole world is aware of the clear US position that refuses to stop the war and its continual supports for the Saudi-led coalition.”

He continued: “The US military remarks on their weapons are unconvincing, because it has already officially announced its participation in the aggression against Yemen in the past.”

Mohammad Ali al-Houthi, stressed in his statement that there are many signs of violations of international and humanitarian law, and some of them have been declared as such by the United Nations. The Supreme Revolutionary Council leader said there has been five thousand identified violations.

Al-Houthi added, “the US announcement on the arrival of all weapons in Yemen to other parties is not new to them.” He added: “The American leadership demonstrates that this announcement only reduces the shock to the American intellectual who rejects the war.”

Nevertheless, Al-Houthi also said American statements would be an intelligence scandal if proven true, since it would mean that Washington does not have a mechanism to control their own weapons.

“America’s handover of arms without restrictions would cancel its right to control the weapons-manufacturing states, ” he concluded.