YEMEN Press Agency

Coalition forces continue to breach cease-fire in Hodeidah

HODEIDAH, Feb. 2 (YPA) – Coalition forces on Monday continued to violate the cease-fire agreement in province of Hodeidah, a military official told Yemen Press Agency on Saturday.

The coalition’s forces targeted families’ homes in Durihimi district, injuring a child and a man as well as destroying numbers of homes.

The official added that the militias tried to infiltrate toward the south of Durihimi but the army repelled it.

Furthermore, the militias fired artillery shells and machine guns at Zafran village of Kilo -16 area and the airport, while the spy aircraft flew extensively over the city.

In a press conference, the Yemen army’s spokesman, Yahya Sarei, said the total of violations committed by the coalition’s forces and militias in Hodeidah last month amounted to 3819, including launching 222 rockets and 2,512 shells, 680 breaches of firing from medium and light weapons, 22 acts of establishing new sites, 286 acts of reinforcements, nine offensive attempts, and 106 breaches of warplanes and reconnaissance aircrafts.


Sameera Hassn