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Report: Army carries out military operations against Coalition forces over Saturday


SANAA, Mar. 4 (YPA) – The Yemeni army has waged military operations on Saudi army and its militias’ gatherings and sites, Killing and wounding dozens over Saturday, according to the army media reports combined by Yemen Press Agency on Sunday.

  • Saudi aggression media admitted the killing of senior military sergeant, Ali Bin Falah Al-Qahtani in clashes with the Yemeni army in border fronts line.
  • In Jizan border province:

Dozens of Saudi soldiers and Saudi-backed militias were killed and injured in an intensive artillery shelling in Towal crossing and Mawsim gate.

Gatherings of Saudi soldiers were targeted by artillery in Bojan and Jabiri sites.

Katyusha rockets were fired toward gatherings of Saudi soldiers and militias in Mawsim gate, killing and wounding dozens.

  • In Najran border province:

Gatherings of Saudi soldiers were targeted by artillery in Dhaiaa, Shabaka and Sudais sites.

  • In Taiz province:

Offensive attacks were waged on Saudi-backed militias’ sites in Bir-Basha, Himiar front of Maqbanah district and Sarmain area in east of Sala district, and inflicted the militias heavy causalities.

A military vehicle of militias was destroyed by artillery bombing in west of Moza district.

  • In Hajjah province:

An artillery shelling targeted militias’ sites in north of Medi desert, killing and wounding dozens.

  • In Bayda province:

The army repelled an intensive infiltration of Saudi-backed militias towards Natea front under the air cover of the coalition’s Apache helicopters, warplanes and reconnaissance planes, killing and wounding dozens.

Sameera Hassn / bam