YEMEN Press Agency

Russian reconciliation Center: Idlib gunmen prepare for new chemical play

SANAA, Oct. 30 (YPA) – The head of the Russian Reconciliation Center, Lieutenant-President Vladimir Savchenko,  said that the militants are preparing for a provocative action using toxic materials in the area of escalation in Idlib and charging the Syrian army.

Savchenko pointed out that the reconciliation center received information from the residents in Aleppo about the preparation of a provocation using toxic substances to indict government forces using chemical weapons against the population.

He said that at present the elements of the “White Helmets” began filming fabricated footage with the participation of unidentified civilians for the local population.

They intend to lure the Syrian army in the town of Mara at the seam line, he said, adding that after that, they will hold a play of artillery shelling by shells stuffed with poisonous materials on territory under the control of the militants, and allegedly bombed by the Syrian army.”

Savchenko said that then “alleged” victims of the chemical attack would be presented, and it was not unlikely that the gunmen would try to take control of Tel Rifaat.