YEMEN Press Agency

PM holds coalition responsible for economic deterioration in Yemen

SANAA, Oct. 14 (YPA) – Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtour on Sunday held the Saudi-led coalition fully responsible for the catastrophic economic deterioration in Yemen.

“The coalition bears direct and indirect responsibility for the catastrophic economic conditions, as it controls most of the country’s resources,” the prime minister said in a press interview.

Dr. bin Habtour explained that “the irresponsible decisions taken by pro-coalition government of the exiled Hadi, including the transfer of the central bank to Aden and illegal printing of over 1.4 trillion riyals, has led to the collapse of Yemeni riyal and this disastrous and devastating situation.”

He noted that the National Salvation Government in Sanaa, has taken many decisions to face the escalating economic war.

“We seek to secure part of salary for the state staff and the other part goes to fronts for confronting the aggression,” the prime minister said.

He pointed that Sanaa authorities have affirmed constantly to the UN envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, the need to neutralize the economic aspect, because it relates to living of civilians.

Regarding the resumption of peace consultations, Dr. bin Habtour said “We have determined a package of guarantees with a view to the success of any dialogue, and Mr. Griffiths has agreed upon and passed it to the aggressor party.”

Dr. bin Habtour, who is from southern Shabwa province and a former governor of Aden province, sees what has been witnessed by Yemen’s southern and eastern provinces as “a manifestation of resistance to the Saudi and Emirati occupation, which the majority of people has become aware of its objectives.”