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US refuses Islah party’s participation in west coast battle

TAIZ, Feb. 18 (YPA ) – US, UK and the United Arab of Emiratis reject any presence of militia of Islah Party (Muslim Brotherhood) in the West Coast battles, informed sources told Yemen Press Agency.

This triple rejection came after the slain ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh’s nephew General Tariq Saleh appeared in a photo gathering him with Hassan Taher, governor of Hodaida province appointed by the exiled resigned president Abd Rabu Mansour Hadi.

The photo was picked up after attending a meeting on Friday evening with southern military leaders and what so-called the West Coast resistance in Yemen’s coastal city of Mocha, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

Gen. Tareq Saleh, during the meeting, asked to take command of the coast battle , but the West Coast resistance fighters, mostly of Islah party members, refused its request, stressing their adherent to the so-called Hadi’s legitimacy which he denied, according to the military official.

The occupying UAE state wants to hand over Tareq Saleh the command of the battle in the northern areas in coordination with the southern separatist leader Idrous al-Zubaidi and others southern leaders loyal to Abu Dhabi, the official added.

The UAE, which trusts in Tareq, is keen to extend its influence and control over vital and strategic areas such as the port of Aden, the western coast of Mocha Port and Bab al-Mandab strait.

The UAE sees Tariq Saleh as a reliable ally who deserves all kind of support to achieve its ambitions in the north of Yemen, after imposing itself as an occupier in southern provinces such as Aden, Hadramout and Socotra.