YEMEN Press Agency

Attorney General discuss the ongoing rise of Prices

SANAA, Feb, 18 .(YPA) -The attorney general, judge Majid al-Darbabi directed the attorney for public funds to address the contents of complaints reported regarding the rise in the prices of basic materials related to the needs of the citizens and their disposal in accordance with the law.

The order came during a meeting with lawyers and representatives of civil society organizations who submitted their reports on the rising of basic material prices.

Judge Majid al-Darbabi  stressed the importance of their responsibilities to support all efforts of the State to preserve public and private rights taking into account the conditions of the citizens, and to alleviate their suffering due to the Saudi-led aggression and blockade.

Businessmen have to commit and not to rise the price in order to achieve to achieve better standards of living in the Yemeni society. he added.