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Moscow to Host Ali Nasser Mohammed instead of ex-president Saleh   

SANAA, Feb, 17. (YPA) – The Yemeni southern ex-president Ali Nasser Mohammed is to attend the 3rd international conference of Valdai Institute, scheduled to be held in the Russian capital, Moscow, during 19-20 February, according to the president’s office .

The ex-president Ali Nasser Mohammed will deliver a speech in the conference on the catastrophic situation in Yemen and suffering caused by the war to millions of Yemenis at all levels.

He would also present his conception and vision of political solution based on dialogue and peaceful solution, and will put forward an initiative being developed to end the war in Yemen.

In earlier time, Yemen’s slain ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh received an invitation from one of the Russian institutes to attend what he called a “round table talks ” to discuss two important issues, the first one is terrorism and how to face it, and the second is how to bring Yemen out of the crisis and the ongoing war.