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Stolen airplane crashes near Seattle airport in Washington

SANAA, Aug.11 (YPA) – A man has stolen a Horizon air Q400 civilian passenger plane belonging to Alaska Airlines crashed after taking off from Seattle International Airport in Washington State without permission.

The plane was stolen by a 29-year-old man, police office in the provincial said on Saturday, adding that there were no other passengers on board.

“This is not a terrorist incident,” the office said.

Initial reports indicated that the suspect was talking to air traffic controllers, who they called “Rich”.

“We cannot confirm anything at this time,  but we trying to get accurate information about what’s actually going on. Without confirming anything, the stolen plane will be a security issue, “Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement on Friday.

The US authorities tried to intercept the plane with an “f-15 ″” fighter jets, according to US Fox News.

A smoke surge was seen in Ketron Island, Washington, while flights from Seattle airport were temporarily suspended.