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Pro-UAE senior commander announces coup against STC in Aden

ADEN, July 09 (YPA) – One of commanders of a UAE-funded armed brigade officially announced on Tuesday the coup against the “Southern Transitional Council (STC) militants.

Leader of the factions of the so-called “Ninth Thunderbolt Brigade,” Farouk Al-Kalouli Al-Subaihi, who controls the northwestern entrance to the city of Aden during the past hours” called on the people of the southern provinces to overthrow the leaders who have been mired in corruption for 8 years.

He argued the people of the south to organize an angry demonstration against the STC in Aden in solidarity with the tribes of Abyan demanding to reveal the fate of the kidnapped and forcibly disappeared person, Ali Ashal Al-Jaadani, who has been kidnapped in the secret prisons of the STC in Aden since last June.

Al-Subaihi called for the formation of a preparatory committee to establish a million people to overthrow the “symbols of corruption” in the STC.

Observers believe that the call by Al-Kalouli, whose forces from the Subaiha tribes control the northwestern entrance to the city of Aden, is a dangerous development for the STC, especially with the Abyan tribes heading to close the eastern entrance to the city and prevent the entry of fuel and gas tankers and any military presence of the STC in the Abyan districts in the coming days.