YEMEN Press Agency

Advanced escalation path taken by Sanaa to stifle Israeli enemy economy

SANAA, June 27 (YPA) – In the face of the Israeli enemy’s arrogance and its insistence on continuing the aggression against Gaza and committing more massacres against the Palestinian people, the Sanaa forces are taking a new escalatory path to strangle the Israeli enemy’s economy, following new strategies, and using new tools in their military operations against the interests of the Israeli enemy, whether on the seas or deep within the enemy’s entity.

In this regard, Sanaa forces began using new weapons with high destructive capacity, including the “Toofan 1” boat, which they used to target the ship “Tutor” on June 12 in the Red Sea, which led to burning and sinking the ship.

In addition to the unmanned naval boat “Toofan 1” with a high destructive capacity, Sanaa began using ballistic missiles with enormous destructive capabilities, including the hypersonic missile “Hatem 2” that Sanaa used to target the Israeli ship “MSC SARAH V” in the Arabian Sea on Tuesday.

Through the use of new weapons by Sanaa forces, it will become clear that they have taken a different path in dealing with ships linked to Israel, other than the warning path they used previously. It is the sinking of ships that violate the ban on entry into the ports of occupied Palestine.

This means that Yemen has moved to an advanced stage of escalation with the Israeli enemy and its supporters, most notably the United States of America, which is still trying in vain to stop the Sanaa operations targeting ships linked to Israel.

In terms of strategies, it appears through joint cooperation between Sanaa forces and the Iraqi resistance in carrying out military operations against ships linked to Israel in enemy ports and the Mediterranean Sea, the most recent of which is Wednesday’s operation.

Sanaa has tended to adopt more effective strategies for strangling the Israeli economy, given that joint operations produce much greater results than operations carried out individually, which may ultimately lead to the cessation of shipping companies that are still dealing with the Israeli enemy permanently, because all routes to the Zionist entity have become unsafe.

According to observers, the new path of escalation that the Sanaa forces have begun to take will completely stifle the Israeli enemy’s economy, and the Israeli enemy will soon find its ports empty of ships and its markets empty of goods if it does not think more rationally and move towards stopping the aggression against Gaza, especially in light of the miserable American failure to stop military operations targeting ships associated with it.