YEMEN Press Agency

Gaza’s emergency medical director killed in Israeli airstrike

GAZA, June 25 (YPA) – The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced on Monday  that Hani al-Ja’fari, the Director of Ambulances and Emergency Services in Gaza, was martyred as a result of an Israeli airstrike on the Al-Deiraj medical center in Gaza.

 In a statement, the Ministry of Health mourned the loss of its representative, Youssef Abu al-Rish, and all its personnel, with great pride and honor, and paid tribute to the martyrdom of Hani al-Ja’fari.

 The ministry said that the martyr “represented with his fellow ambulance workers a steadfast and resilient model of sacrifice and dedication, who perform their humanitarian duty to evacuate the wounded and martyrs around the clock despite the relentless Israeli aggression that disregards all international treaties and agreements.”

 The ministry reaffirmed its commitment to continue its humanitarian medical duty despite the systematic targeting and direct killing of 500 healthcare workers to date, and the arrest of over 310 others in inhumane conditions.

 The ministry renewed its demand for the international community and its organizations and human rights organizations to stop the Israeli aggression against Gaza and protect the healthcare system and its personnel, and to hold Israel accountable for its crimes against humanity and the Palestinian people.