YEMEN Press Agency

Ansarullah condemns ongoing Zionist crimes against Palestinians in Gaza

SANAA, June 23 (YPA) – The Ansarullah Political Bureau has reiterated its condemnation of the ongoing Zionist crimes against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the Bureau emphasized the importance of supporting the Palestinian people and their resilience by various means. The Bureau denounced the continued Zionist genocide against the people of Gaza, highlighting the recent horrific massacres in the Shati camp and the Tuffah neighborhood.

The statement underscored that the aggression on Gaza, now in its 260th day, will not weaken the Palestinian resistance. It stressed the need for increased coordination within the Resistance Axis and with the free people of the world to help stop the war on Gaza.

In a related context, the Ansarullah Political Bureau condemned the series of raids and attacks launched by the US-British aggression on Yemen. It explained that the US-British aggression on Yemen is inseparable from the aggressive war on Gaza, noting that the aggressors in Yemen are the same forces involved in the ongoing genocide crimes against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

The Bureau concluded that the goal of the aggressors in Yemen is to empower the Zionist entity, isolate the Palestinian people, and punish those who move to support them.