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Investigation: France supplied “Israel” with offensive weapons during war on Gaza

PARIS, June 20 (YPA) – A lengthy investigation by the French investigative site Disclose has revealed that the French government allowed the delivery of drones’ electronic equipment to “Israel,” involving the bombing of civilians and civilian facilities, including hospitals in Gaza.

According to secret documents, the latest shipment of military materials manufactured by the French company “Thales” was supposed to take place on May 26.

The investigation confirmed that since the start of the Israeli attack on Gaza and Hamas on October 13, 2023, the Israeli occupation forces have removed their fleet of drones from military hangars.

The use of these vehicles is “the story of this war,” and according to the official in charge of the 166th Drone Battalion, also known as “the Firebird Squadron,” the mission of the drone fleet is to monitor Gaza territory, conduct reconnaissance of targets, and fire.

The investigation stated that by compiling numerous NGO reports and statements issued by the Israeli armed forces, the Disclose group counted at least eight deadly strikes launched by Israeli drones against civilians and infrastructure in Gaza since October 2023.