YEMEN Press Agency

Iraqi resistance announces end of truce with Americans

BAGHDAD, June 20 (YPA) – The “Iraqi Resistance Coordination” has announced the end of the deadline for the American withdrawal from the country and said that it seeks to close this file “using all available means.”

Activists close to the ruling Shiite alliance spoke of “resuming operations” against the American presence.

The position of the “resistance” came last night (Wednesday), just hours after the speech of the leader of the Lebanese “Hezbollah,”  Hassan Nasruallah, in which he warned of a “war without controls” and vowed to open the “Mediterranean Front.”

An investigation by “Middle East” published before the speech revealed “the willingness of Iraqi factions to fight in Lebanon if a broader war broke out there” and if “Hezbollah agreed.”

The “Resistance Coordination Committee” said in a press statement that it “held an extraordinary meeting to discuss events in the region in general, and in Iraq in particular, to inform the people of what is going on around them.”

The “Coordination Committee” explained that the resistance discussed the opportunity it gave the government more than four months ago, which included scheduling the withdrawal of the American presence from Iraq.

Since last February, Iraqi factions have adhered to a truce with the American forces, according to an agreement with the Iraqi government, following the killing of a leader in the Al-Nujaba movement in an American raid in Baghdad over the last three days.