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UN official reveals pictures of famine tragedies in areas of Sudan

SUDAN, June 20 (YPA) – The Director of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Sudan, Justin Brady, said that the images coming from some areas in Sudan are a reminder of the worst of any famine they have witnessed anywhere.

He stated that mothers resort to cooking dirt in order to put something in their children’s stomachs, and hunger even prompted some areas to eat tree leaves.

Brady spoke in an interview with UN News published on Wednesday about the challenges facing United Nations humanitarian workers during the humanitarian response process in Sudan in three main areas, including access, resources, and adequate attention.

He continued: “We have a famine warning; we are waiting for the latest food security results, but the year began with 4.9 million people in the fourth category of the Integrated Interim Classification of Food Security, which means they have exhausted all coping mechanisms.”

“We are likely to see a large proportion of them in IPC Phase 5, which includes famine,” he said.


He added, “This war has been brutal in terms of human rights violations and gender-based and sexual violence, and there is really nowhere for people to go.” “We have a whole gambit of fears, and the tools available to us to deal with them are very limited amid the ongoing conflict.”