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Over 9,300 Palestinian, including women, children, arrested since Oct 7

GAZA, June 16 (YPA) – At least 9,300 Palestinian prisoners, including at least 75 female prisoners and 250 children, have been arrested by Israeli enemy forces since Oct. 7, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club reported on Sunday.

During its review of the most prominent data on the total numbers of prisoners in Israeli prisons “in light of the continuation of the genocidal war against Gaza,” the Prisoners’ Club revealed, saying: “The occupation has continued to detain more prisoners.

“This figure does not include all detainees from Gaza, whose number estimated in the thousands, and the occupation prison administration had announced the detention of (899) under the classification of unlawful combatant, it added in a statement.

The statement pointed out that the number of administrative detainees “numbers more than 3,400 people.”

It affirmed that among the total prisoners are about 600 prisoners, including those serving life sentences.

At the end of May, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club indicated a significant and unprecedented increase in the number of prisoners suffering from contagious skin diseases in Israeli prisons, especially scabies.