YEMEN Press Agency

Lahj experiences enormous rallies demanding removal of coalition, its tools

LAHJ, June 14 (YPA) – Yemen’s southern province of Lahj has been witnessing popular protests for the second week in a row, denouncing the policy of starvation and the war on services.

Local sources said Friday that dozens of people from Radfan and Al-Habilain areas went out in a peaceful demonstration in the city of Al-Habilain to denounce the policy of starvation and the war on services and salaries practiced by the Saudi-Emirati coalition and its tools against them.

Those who attended the rally called for by the “Revolution of the Hungry” campaign, as part of the revolutionary escalation initiated last week, yelled chants demanding the removal of the coalition and its tools.

The protestors vowed to continue the revolution while also calling on the masses of people in the south to join the revolution of hunger.