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Sanaa forces target UK warship destroyer in Red Sea

SANAA, June 09 (YPA) –  Yemen’s Armed Forces announced that they had launched a new military operation against the UK warship destroyer (Diamond) in the Red Sea, in support of the oppressed Palestinian people and in retaliation to the American-British aggression against the country.

“The missile force carried out a military operation targeting the British warship destroyer (Diamond) in the Red Sea with a number of ballistic missiles, and thanks to Allah, the hit was accurate,” the military spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Sarie said in a statement on Sunday.

Brigadier General Yahya Sarie added, “The naval , the missile , and UAVs forces of the Yemeni Armed Forces carried out two joint military operations against two ships belong to companies that violated the ban decision to access the ports of occupied Palestine.”

The Norderney ship was directly hit, and thanks to Allah have fire ignited on it, and the MSC Tavvishi ship that was directly hit in the Arabian Sea, he explained .

Sarie confirmed that the two operations were carried out with a number of naval and ballistic missiles and drones, the statement read.

“The Yemeni armed forces continue to perform their religious, moral and humanitarian duty towards the Palestinian people, and their operations will not stop until the aggression stops and the siege on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is lifted,” the  brigadier general stressed.