YEMEN Press Agency

Owners of bakeries in Aden issue distress call: “We will go bankrupt”

ADEN, May 18 (YPA) – The owners of bakeries in Aden province, southern Yemen, on Saturday called for assistance from the so-called “Presidential Leadership Council,” the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC), and the Ministry of Industry and Trade in the government loyal to the Saudi-led coalition due to their bankruptcy.

The owners of bakeries demanded a reconsideration of their obligation to sell the bread at a price two years ago, taking into account the exchange difference, or to intervene and support the flour and materials used in bread production.

They explained that keeping the matter as it is means loss, whether they adhere to the prices and sell by weight, which will inevitably lead them to the stage of bankruptcy, or violating and being subject to arrest and closure of their shops.

Citizens in the areas of Yemen under the control of the coalition are suffering from an economic collapse in addition to a continuous deterioration of the local currency, which has been reflected in the worsening severity of famine among the people.