YEMEN Press Agency

Mine Action Center: Explosive remnants of Saudi-led coalition killed 52 civilians in Hodeida in the past Year

HODEIDA, March 20 (YPA) – Executive Center for Mine Action in Hodeida Governorate has disclosed a new toll of civilian casualties due to remnants of the Saudi-led coalition during the past year.

In a statement, the center explained that these explosive remnants in the governorate caused the loss of 52 lives, including 19 children and five women, and injured 80 people, including four women and 24 children.

It noted that most of the areas that witnessed escalation by the coalition and its mercenaries in the governorate have been contaminated with mines and remnants. Furthermore, the removal efforts were hindered by some terrains and the lack of specialized machinery.

According to the report, a total area of 694,576 square meters was cleared from contaminated sites during 2023.

The report highlighted that most of the incidents recorded in the governorate occurred due to grazing or unpredictable movement. With the return of some residents to areas that witnessed significant escalation by the coalition and its mercenaries, the danger of mines lies in their proximity to homes and farms.

The limited capabilities of the center to remove them have resulted in fatal accidents and explosions, claiming the lives of innocent civilians.

The report called on the United Nations Development Programme to resume providing support to the center, which has been completely halted since last June. The halt has led to the suspension of activities and training programs for the working staff, and a decline in the center’s readiness to effectively carry out its assigned tasks.