YEMEN Press Agency

Young man killed in front of his shop in Abyan

ABYAN, Feb. 28 (YPA) – A young man was killed by fire from unidentified gunmen during the past hours north of the city of Zinjbar, the center of Abyan province, which is controlled by UAE-funded factions in southern Yemen.

Local sources in the province confirmed that an unknown gunman shot the young man, Ahmed Muhammad Hussein al-Sabri al-Saidi, 20 years old, while he was in front of his commercial store at midnight last night in Hatat al-Rakb area of Sarar District, killing him on the spot.

According to the sources, the assassination of the young man, Al-Sabri, comes as a continuation of the security chaos witnessed by the province’s districts due to the spread of factions funded by the Saudi-led coalition in addition to Al-Qaeda members.