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UN experts demand halt to arms exports to Israel

WASHINGTON, Feb. 24 (YPA) – United Nations human rights experts called on Friday for an immediate halt to arms exports to the Israeli occupation, stressing that any transfer of weapons or ammunition for use in Gaza is a violation of international humanitarian law.

In a statement, the UN experts called on all countries to ensure respect for international humanitarian law by parties to armed conflict, as required by the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and international law.

They emphasized that states must refrain from transferring any weapons, ammunition or parts thereof if, in light of the facts or previous patterns of conduct, it is expected that they will be used in violation of international law.

The UN experts affirmed that European Union member states also abide by the European Union’s arms export control law.

The experts pointed to the International Court of Justice in its decision on January 26, where it confirmed the danger of genocide in Gaza and the continued serious harm to civilians since then, noting that the 1948 Genocide Convention requires states parties to use all means at their disposal to prevent genocide in another country as much as possible.

They stressed the need for all countries not to be complicit in international crimes through arms transfers, and they must do their part to urgently end the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza.